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2022 Studio Santa Session--November 19th & 27th ONLY! (Deposit)

  • 2022 Studio Santa Session--November 19th & 27th ONLY! (Deposit)
  • 2022 Studio Santa Session--November 19th & 27th ONLY! (Deposit)
  • 2022 Studio Santa Session--November 19th & 27th ONLY! (Deposit)
  • 2022 Studio Santa Session--November 19th & 27th ONLY! (Deposit)
  • 2022 Studio Santa Session--November 19th & 27th ONLY! (Deposit)

Come have some milk and cookies with Santa! Start your holidays off right with a personalized visit with the big guy in red in the LMBC Studio! TWO DAYS ONLY!

DATES: Saturday, November 19th & Sunday, November 27th
TIME: 11/19 is 10:00am-2:00pm, 11/27 is 12:00pm-2:00pm
WHERE: The LMBC Studio, Naples, FL
TOTAL COST: $275 (you are paying $100 to hold your spot today--the remaining balance of $175 will be due by the day of the session)
INCLUDES: 15 minutes of one-on-one time with Santa, posing and candid photos with Santa, 5 hand edited digital downloads, option to purchase additional downloads, a coupon code for a FREE* 5x7 print, option to purchase additional prints (all prices for clients have been adjusted to 20% off)


$100 deposit holds your spot. Your remaining balance must be paid in full before the day of the session by Cash, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle or Apple Pay.

Once you pay this deposit it is NON-REFUNDABLE due to the nature and high demand of these sessions.

By submitting the deposit here, you agree to the following rules set forth by Let Me Be Candid Photography By Tracy Houston:


~I understand that my family will be participating in a photo session with LMBC Photography and that we are required to show up at the agreed upon time, date and at the agreed upon location for the session. Open communication is a MUST! If you are running late, a phone call to the photographer is expected. This is a timed session and if you are late, you lose whatever time you had for your session since there will be another family being photographed immediately after your session.
~I understand that I am responsible for marking my calendar and showing up!!
~I understand that this session is taking place in the studio which is a small space and not meant for extended families. 4-6 people MAX per session. If two families wish to book together, you may book back-to-back sessions.
~I understand that the deposit for the Milk & Cookies with Santa Session is NON-REFUNDABLE due to the nature of the session.
~I understand that if my child/children or other family members do not cooperate (i.e., smiling on cue, listening, following directions) it does not reflect on LMBC Photography and that I am still responsible for full payment for the session. The photographer will do everything in her power to work with the child/children and family members to obtain photos you are happy with. Sometimes kids do not respond well to Santa...these often make for great memories anyway!
~I understand that upon completion of the editing process (which averages 1-2 weeks, sometimes longer during the months of October-November), I will receive an email with a link to a gallery containing photos for my preview—they all will contain the LMBC logo. The photos WITH the LMBC logo are the only photos to be used for digital sharing on social media networks and in email communications-they can be shared directly from the photo gallery to social media sites. The photos without the LMBC logo are the ones to be used for personal printing use.
~I understand that If the I (or all participants in the photo session) am sharing photos on ANY social media networking site, the Client (and all participants in the session) must only share the photos that contain the LMBC Photography logo on them, now and in the future to ensure proper photo credit. IF photos are shared without the logo, a tag or mention of LMBC Photography is REQUIRED for proper photo credit.
~I understand that I may NOT cut, crop, edit or alter the photos given to you in any way or else the photos will no longer represent the true work of LMBC Photography (neither can anyone else participating in the photo session)
~I understand that personal printing costs are an additional charge if ordered through the professional gallery provided by LMBC.
~I understand that I have permission from LMBC Photography to print the photos from this session at a photo printer of my choice, and have been informed that a professional printer is BEST for color and overall image quality and LMBC Photography is NOT RESPONSIBLE for photos printed at non-professional labs.
~I understand that there will be five digital photos included in the Milk & Cookies with Santa Session. Any photos beyond the five promised to be will be an additional cost.
~I understand that once my photos have been downloaded there will be no refunds issued of any kind.
~I understand that by allowing LMBC Photography to photograph my child/children, I give permission to LMBC Photography to use my child’s/children’s photos on the LMBC website, Facebook page, Instagram or other social media sites for the purpose of advertisement for LMBC Photography.
~I understand that LMBC Photography shall own the copyright of all images created and shall have exclusive rights to make reproductions. LMBC Photography shall only make reproductions for the client or for the photographer's portfolio, samples, self-promotions/advertisements, entry in photographic contests or art exhibits, editorial use, website, social media networking pages, or for display within or outside of Photographer's studio. The client hereby gives permission to use their photos from said photo session to be used in any form of advertising by the Photographer, including website and social networking pages.
~I understand that the deposit paid will be applied to reduce the final cost, the Client shall then pay the balance due and that all payments must be paid in full by cash, cash app such as Venmo, Zelle or Paypal or online with a credit card BEFORE the session takes place. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
~I understand these rules apply to anyone participating in the session and/or being photographed and that my signature represents everyone. I will follow these rules and be sure that everyone participating and being photographed will follow the rules as well.
~I understand that by signing this contract, I hold indemnify and hold LMBC Photography harmless against any and all liabilities, claims, and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising from Client's use of Photographer's work, or arising from any situation that could arise at the agreed upon location (i.e., any injuries that could accidentally occur)
~I understand that I am hiring LMBC Photography to take all photos during this session and that NO CELL PHONES or other cameras of any type will be allowed for photos during the session. I ask that you put your phones away and be present with your families to enjoy the session to its fullest potential.
~I understand there will be food served during this particular session (specifically cookies, milk and some candy) and any and all food allergies MUST be conveyed to LMBC Photography at least one week prior to the session so arrangements may be made to keep you or your child safe.

*Names and ages of all children to be photographed MUST be emailed to LMBC Photography BEFORE the session along with any and all Christmas wish lists for Santa to preview before your child arrives.